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Business Process Outsourcing


Every organization has its non-core functions that take resources and focus away from core strategic goals. That is where StanleyCo team can assist your organization to cut cost and focus on core competencies.

Trust us with your accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting functions because at StanleyCo we have a specialized team to work on these routine functions. With economies of scale, specialization and technology, we could offer these services at a fraction of what you would be paying if full-time employees were hired for these functions.


You will also find our services valuable because we don't just process your financial information, but we could help you turn those financial numbers into the intelligence that you need to transform your business.


  • Full scope of bookkeeping services

  • Preparation of full sets of accounts for audit purposes

  • Preparation of customized management account and report

  • Financial information analysis and recommendations

  • Review of trading figures to budget and explanation of variances

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