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Digital Nomad

Tax compliance Services

for foreigners

DE Rantau Digital Nomad Tax Compliance

1. Consultation Services:

  • Provide comprehensive consultation on achieving Malaysian tax residency status for both the client and her business. This includes evaluating current tax positions, potential tax jurisdictions, and strategic planning to meet residency requirements.

  • Offer guidance on optimizing tax liabilities and benefits associated with tax residency status.

2. Accounting Services for Freelancing Business in Malaysia:

  • Prepared and maintained accurate accounts for the client's freelancing business based in Malaysia. This includes bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and any other necessary accounting activities to ensure compliance with Malaysian accounting standards and practices.

  • Advise on business expenses, allowable deductions, and other financial strategies to optimize tax efficiency.

3. Tax Return Preparation and Filing:

  • Prepare and file the annual tax return for the client, incorporating both personal and business incomes. This process includes:

    • Calculation of taxable income, taking into account all relevant business expenses, allowances, and deductions.

    • Ensuring compliance with Malaysian tax laws and regulations.

    • Submission of the tax return to the relevant tax authorities within the prescribed deadlines.

    • Handling any queries or correspondence from the tax authorities regarding the tax return.

4. Other Services:

  • Provide ongoing support and advice on tax-related matters throughout the financial year.

  • Assist with tax planning for the next financial year to maximize tax savings and benefits.

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