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Sales Tax and
Service Tax (SST)

Business Process Outsourcing

Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST)



The government has announced that the existing Goods and Services Tax will be repealed soon. And a revised version of the previous Sales and Service Tax will be reintroduced in due time.


Transitional Issues and planning that you have to address in your business include:

  1. Change of GST rate from 6% to 0% effective 1 June 2018

  2. Tax Invoice

  3. Registration

  4. Input Tax Claim

  5. Time of Supply

  6. Filing of GST Returns

  7. GST Special Schemes

  8. Tax Codes and Mapping of Tax Codes

  9. Contracts with suppliers and clients

  10. Record keeping

  11. Implications of SST​


 Please contact us for further advice.

Download SST Updates here:


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