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Wage Subsidy Program 4.0 (WSP 4.0)

Under the WSP 4.0 program (PEMULIH Package), the government allows the employers to apply for subsidy for RM600 per worker (up to 500 workers) for 4 months, namely 2 months for each sector in Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan, and the next 2 months specifically for sectors in the negative list (i.e. not allowed to operate) during the Phase 3.

Unlike WSP 3.0, there would be no salary cap under WSP 4.0 (Employers can apply for WSP 4.0 for their workers who earn more than RM4,000).

For more information, please visit 1. Pemulih Program: (select Program Subsidi Upah 4.0) 2. PSU/WSP 4.0 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions WSP4.0

2. PSU/WSP 4.0 Application:


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