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Investing in Malaysia: A Standout Destination in the Digital Economy

Malaysia remains a top choice for Chinese investors in the digital economy, despite the current global macroeconomic turmoil, according to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) chief digital investment officer Raymond Siva.

He was speaking at a seminar on ASEAN Media’s View on Digital China Media Tour 2022: A New Chapter in Smart City held online on Wednesday. Raymond highlighted that companies such as Bytedance, Chin Data, ChinaSoft International, and GDS Data Centers were awarded Malaysia Digital Status recently.

July 2022 saw the launch of the Malaysia Digital initiative, which will succeed Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia to drive digital transformation in focus areas with high-growth potential. Malaysia Digital Status companies will enjoy a set of incentives, rights, and privileges from the government, upon meeting necessary approvals, conditions, laws, and regulations.

In just two months since its launch, MD has successfully attracted RM42 billion worth of foreign direct digital investments and RM4.76 billion in domestic direct digital investment (DDI), generating 6,000 high-value jobs.

As the fifth and second-largest economies in the world, ASEAN and China are highly complementary in the digital economy. The ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025 seeks to transform the region as a leading digital community and economic bloc, while China is at the forefront of digital economy development.

ASEAN Media's View on Digital China Media Tour 2022, organised by China Daily and ASEAN-China Centre, is a platform to bring new insights and proposals to ASEAN and China's digital cooperation. This initiative hopes to help both sides overcome the economic difficulties caused by Covid-19 and gain greater growth momentum.

We look forward to the potential of ASEAN and China's digital cooperation and believe this will lead to common development and prosperity, said ASEAN China-China Centre Secretary-General Shi Zhongjun. – (Malaysia a preferred investment destination among Chinese investors by BERNAMA)


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